I have been a Realtor® since 2016.   I pride himself on providing a valuable service and a great experience that exceeds client  expectations.  I am easy to talk to and I can connect with a diverse group of people in the Austin area market.  I am also fluent in Spanish since it is my first spoken language.  I am committed to providing my clients with all the information they need to make a better buying or selling decision.

I have lived in Austin since 2000.  I am also an entrepreneur and I do full house renovations, I flip houses, and I am an expert in seller financing and lease options home sales.  As a Realtor® and entrepreneur I have one method to sell your house and two methods to buy your house.

I was born and raised in King City, California.  It is a small agricultural community in the Salinas Valley along Highway 101.    After high school I entered the United States Army through a scholarship and I was commissioned an Army Officer in 1988.  I served just over 28 years in the Army both on active and reserve status and I was able to travel to many places and meet people from many different backgrounds.  I am a veteran and served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm and also in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom.