Find your Perfect Home with the Austin Board of Realtors’ Official Site

The Austin Board of Realtors has an official site where everyone who is not a broker or realtor can search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  You can find your next home, find out about open houses, or just poke around and see what activity is going on in a certain part of town.

Just go to this website:

Once you arrive at the site it is similar to other search sites.  One the home page you will see a search box where you can enter the basic criteria for your search.  For a more detailed search you can click on the “Find a Property” tab near the top of the page inside the green banner and you will be able to enter more detailed search criteria. You can search by zip code, region, price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and square feet to name a few.  You can also select the type of property such as single family home, condo, townhome, mobile home, etc.

Some really cool features are the ability to enter a date range for open houses and also being able to see virtual tours of homes.

Of course there is always more than one way to get things done.  You can also contact me and I will forward to your mobile phone a link so you can download my Austin Board of Realtors MLS search app right to your phone.  This way you have all the convenience possible.

So as the thermometer goes up, just stay cool and don’t go out in the heat more than you have to.  Do your searches online and then I’ll show you the ones you like the most or find your own open houses and then get out there to see your own dream home!


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